Big Swarovski Limited Edition

Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal

Exclusive limited edition of Swarovski crystals gives you a luxurious and rich look. Certainly, with the crystals on you, it will stand out perfectly.

Being Elegant

Influence of modesty help you to feel a better muslimah. The big size endorse you with the self-respecting and love for muslimah appearance.

Engraved Metal Tag

The powerful about our metal tag was simple design but memorable enough to give the desired impression of career woman.

Non-See Through

The material used has a thick structure. It is ideal for use during prayers because it has double layers.

This is Super-Fast Instant

This is an easy-to-wear style with an elegant appearance. It is available in a variety of beautiful colours, so you can choose your favourite.

Neatly Placed On Head

Smooth texture of material Korean Chiffon is easily shaped. You won’t have to think about the shape because it will be put on your top head perfectly.

Gracefully Flow

Our new exclusive limited edition, Big Swarovski has the perfect flowy when wearing it. It makes look neat and beautiful on you.

Exclusive Box

Each purchase you made for the Anggun Lebaran collection will get an exclusive and attractive box.