Classic Bawal Printed


Engraved Metal Tag


Our metal tag's simple design, which was distinctive enough to convey the intended impression of a business woman, was its most compelling feature.








Unique Floral Design


Perceived as a colour that is generally favourable by most people. It combines the freshness of colour with the hope and strength of marine life in a warm, vibrant, and energising way.








Minimal Iron


The fabric is not easily wrinkled and easy to iron. It really easily formed even with minimal iron. It really does save your time.








On Point


Easy to shape at the top of the head, neat and very comfortable to wear. The awning is well formed throughout the day. No need for starch. It will make your day more confident and give a cheerful mood.








Not Uncommonly


Classic Bawal Printed is not uncommonly and it is not necessary to wear an inner to cover the neck. It is suitable for use during prayers.