Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : Customer have no e-mail?

Customer can use phone number if they do not have an e-mail.

Q2 : Customer have no online banking?

Customers can select the COD option on the payment section

Q3 : Customers do not know how to buy on the website

Customers can follow these steps. Maryam Khadijah's team has provided step by step guidance. Click here to see the steps.

Q4 : Can customer set a date for the cod?

Yes, Customer need to note the date during order placement.

Q5 : How can customer get a tracking number if using a dummy email?

Maryam Khadijah's Customer Support Team will provide the tracking number via Whatsapp or message.

Q6 : How do customers receive their voucher code?

For customers who has email, the voucher code are automatically sent to your email. For customers who does not have email, the Customer Support Team will provide the voucher code via Whatsapp or message.

Q7 : What is the model's height?

Maryam Khadijah model's height :
Shira 164cm : Model for all collection exclude ( Classic Bawal Plain, Classic Bawal Printed and Sarung Qatan )
Cassie 155cm : Model for Sarung Qatan
Nani 170cm: Model for Classic Bawal Plain and Classic Bawal Printed

Q8 : How much is the postage to Singapore?

The shipping rate to Singapore is not same as MY. If you want to know the shipping rate to Singapore. Click here

Q9 : How long does it takes to receive?

In Peninsular Malaysia, around 2-3 working days. Meanwhile in Sabah / Sarawak , around 2-5 working days. For Singapore, around 5-10 working days.

Q10 : Do you have a physical store ?

Yes, we have. Our boutique is in Bandar Perda, Penang and Bangi, Selangor.
To get our waze, get it here.

Google Map : Maryam Khadijah Penang

Google Map : Maryam Khadijah Bangi

Q11 : Does the face measurement different by the hijab's size?

We used the standard face measurement for each hijab's size, the measurement was estimated to be around 11.5-11.8 inches

Q12 : RM 1 equals how many reward points?

Each purchase will earn reward points based on the total items. 100 points can be redeemed for RM 1 for the next purchase.

Q13 : Why COD Charged ?

We charge according to Ninja Van regulations. There will be a charge for Cash On Delivery (COD) in which RM 5 for Peninsular Malaysia, while Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore will be charged RM 8.