Sarung Printed

Watch this video to the end and grab your niqab mega instant collection now !


Covered Chin


Now this sarung veil  was created cover the chin and is comfortable to wear. It is also suitable for use to perform prayers.







Engraved metal tag

The strength of our metal tag was simple design but memorable enough to give the desired impression of a career woman.




Yes it is Scuba !

The texture of the material made from Moss Crepe produces a beautiful style and neatly located especially on your upper head. Besides, with the new version of Sarung Awning Scuba, sure it will be easily shaped.





Back Stitch

The back stitch on the back of the scarve that is neatly located.





Exclusive Box

Each purchase you made for Big Printed, Big Swarovski Limited Edition and Sarung collections will get an exclusive and attractive box.